Editing Pages with Elementor Editor

First, open the page for editing. Navigate to Pages > All Pagestab in WordPress admin panel and open the needed page. Click on Edit with Elementor button to proceed to editing with Elementor versus the regular Edit screen. Note that you can use the regular edit screen for products and blog posts. On the left you can see Elements and Global tabs To edit the Content of page, select one of the content sections you would like to edit. Once selected it is bordered by a thin blue frame. That means the section is active now. To edit content modules, hover on the top right content block corner. You will see a pencil icon. If you right click it, you will see an options menu appear with Edit, Duplicate, Copy and Paste. Select Edit, then you can edit text on the left in the text editor.

Note: The left menu will change depending on what type of module you’ve selected in the edit area. The different content modules in the edit area are  Sections, Columns and Content such as Text or Images If you would like to add a new image to the page, select the Global icon – which is the stacked boxes icon in the top right of the editor on the left. Then, you will see widgets you can add to the edit window by selecting, dragging and dropping them onto your page.

Watch Video about Elementor Editor